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When great going is not good enough…

With over 30-years of entrepreneurship and a dozen businesses filled with gut-wrenching moments and dollops of exhilaration, it seemed like I had reached a point where I was satisfied with what I saw in the rear view. It wasn’t to be so!

Although we have a lot of ‘gurus’ with various specializations in our orbit, BizGist.com is presently made up of three accomplished and professionals. Each of us trace our beginnings to 1980’s. We have encountered enormous success and dismaying failures. Our experiences have been varied – in the US and in several other countries; these unique forces have weathered, shaped and sharpened us over decades! We have been involved in rudimentary import and distribution to being entrusted to deliver international aid to strategic grain reserves in Africa! We have been involved in mining businesses, have worked with leading designers to top brand names, etc. We floundered with well our own capitalized initiatives but have also built multi-million dollar business from next to nothing! These experiences give us the ‘wisdom’ to pre-examine every action from all angles, extrapolate potential impediments and take corrective actions, before we encounter the obstacles.

Guided by our experience and that of numerous businesses we have advised, we can draw a common thread. Entrepreneurs are unbelievably enthusiastic, they are driven but, in their eagerness, to touch the stars, they may miss signals of impending trouble. Building a business is like pouring a concrete foundation. If you do not vigorously remove the bubbles, the structure above will ultimately crumble. We know how not to let the air gaps set in. Go build your tower to stars!

Bobby, Benny and Hasan have been friends for 30+ years. We decided that we have the collective proficiencies that can be a catalyst for success of many budding businesses and chose to join forces to put our capabilities to use of entrepreneurs. Though we have all worked for multi-billion dollar companies, though we could be consulting them, we now find them mundane – almost always lacking the vigor of an entrepreneurial venture.

Whatever the stage of your business (or idea), and whatever your predicament, get in touch with us (no obligations, no cost, no commitment) and we’ll see where it leads to!

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