Our Principals

Hasan brings people and processes together to achieve success, and have generally exceeded the norms.

Hasan Khimjee – President – Infynita LLC (Information Technology)

Although a little less adventurous now, I am an entrepreneur to the core! My first attempt at business was while I was still in high school, followed by another soon after I dropped out of college. Both failed, second miserably – stranded me in a foreign country. I was shaken up and started questioning my abilities, so I started working at a company with the most menacing of a boss. Starting as a warehouse assistant I grew to be a product manager in 6-years – scoring the highest percentage of raises for the entire period! With yearning in my heart and experience in my head, I have never looked back, never questioned my faith and beliefs – obstacles notwithstanding.


I have been involved in the Building Materials trade, Infrastructure Projects, Imports and Exports, Wholesale and Distribution, Lifestyle Merchandise, Brand Licensing, Mining (Mica and Ruby concessions), Commodities (Corn, Vanilla), Information Technology (Products and Consulting) and Internet.

Current Roles

President – Infynita LLC (Information Technology)
President – Tesoro Group LLC (Lifestyle Merchandise)
Advisor – Vista Lifestyle NY Inc (Lifestyle Merchandise)
Advisor – Zirconium Uganda Pvt. Ltd (Vanilla Beans)
Advisor – Broadway Gold (10k & 14k Jewelry)
Advisor – Mkuvia Gold Tanzania Ltd (Gold Mining Concessionaire)

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