Offshore Resource Center (ORC)

We can offer contact center in the Philippines and India, and a technical ORC center in India. Many small businesses are challenged to acquire or retain technologists; sometimes businesses need to extend their teams and optimize costs, some businesses may want to station their support teams or call centers personnel elsewhere. While all these services can be outsourced, your own ORC gives you full control and visibility at the level of each person you engage. The ORC arrangement can be for as little as one person! In addition to the tech or support resource, you will also be provided with a degree of project management oversight to guide the team and serve as a communication bridge between you and your team. The advantages that accrue to companies with such arrangements includes.

Why Offshore Resource Center?

Offshore Resource Center is worth considering if …

  • Your current resources are stretched,
  • You have a project requirement that requires talent that is not easily available,
  • You wish to provide extended hours support
  • You wish to unburden your team off the rudimentary tasks, etc.

Benefits of Offshore Resource Center

  • Managed operations
  • No capital expenses
  • Wide talent pool
  • Optimized costs
  • Seamless onshore-to-offshore handover
  • Extended hours support, etc.

Staff your center with…

  • Technical developers
  • QA resources
  • Web designers
  • Online support
  • Phone support
  • Web marketers
  • Social media marketers, etc.

Speak to us about your needs and we will scout the market for a good fit.

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