Sector Competencies

Internet & Information Technology


Custom Technology Solutions

In these times, businesses are required to adopt new technologies to remain competitive, to reduce costs, to optimize efficiencies, to provide enhanced services, etc. Some of these are managed by numerous pre-built software or may be available as SaaS.


We will evaluate your web presence (or discuss lack of it). We need to understand your products, services and your objectives for your web initiative. We can then provide intelligent inputs. We will provide a brief report of our findings, along with the possible costs involved in all aspects of your web presence..

Offshore Resource Center (ORC)

We can offer contact center in the Philippines and India, and a technical ORC center in India.. The ORC arrangement can be for as little as one person! In addition to the tech or support resource.

Global Trade

Global trade can be either just inward products and services or include multilateral transactions of products and services. We can help with identifying products and services, we can help vet partners, we can help carry our market research or we could help find and manage representation in North America, Europe, Middle East Africa and Asia.

Let’s build something great together.

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