We started our Internet Advisory and Services after we had been in the Information Technology (IT) business for more than 10-years. Information Technology brings us a deep understanding of the components (servers, connections, routers, shopping carts, payment systems, etc.) and the backend that supports the Internet. That is one dimension of our Internet Practice. Other aspects include Web Design (Graphical Design, Accessibility, Responsive Design, User Experience, etc.), Online Marketing (Email Marketing, Public Relations, Web Promotions, Social Media Marketing, etc.).

Prior to committing to a service, we will evaluate your web presence (or discuss lack of it). We need to understand your products, services and your objectives for your web initiative. We can then provide intelligent inputs. We will provide a brief report of our findings, along with the possible costs involved in all aspects of your web presence. If engaged, we will start working on a cohesive web strategy – in constant communication with a point-person you allocate.

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