Global Trade

Global trade can be either just inward products and services or include multilateral transactions of products and services. We can help with identifying products and services, we can help vet partners, we can help carry our market research or we could help find and manage representation in North America, Europe, Middle East Africa and Asia.

We can help provide an overview of the market, we can help identify and introduce you with potential partners, etc.

The products and services we can actively help with in include

  • Information Technology
  • Consumer Durables
  • Small Electronics
  • Apparel (Bangladesh or India)
  • Telecom Equipment (Cellular Towers on Wheels – COWS)
  • Custom Engineering
  • Pharmaceuticals – Intermediates and Finished Pharma
  • Fine Gold Jewelry 10k & 14k

With our Global Trade engagement, we work you to understand what your products are, your market objectives, your purchase channels, and what you wish to achieve by engaging our services. We have active relationships in Italy, Turkey, China, Philippines, Bangladesh, India, Middle East, East & Central Africa and USA. We may be able to help with Product Acquisition, Fulfillment, Drop Shipping, Contract Manufacturing, International Distribution or help with Logistics, etc.

Reach out to us and we can both get a ‘feel’ of the synergies we share.

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